My game is about my experiences as a summer camp counselor at a Jewish summer camp in the mountains near LA. At this camp, I have has experiences with kids being  irresponsible and stupid and my job as a counselor is to make sure kids don't get hurt. In this game the dangers are made extreme to illustrate the fact that, in the mind of a counselor, if kids escape they might as well have run into a saw. Kids are dumb enough to run straight into a pit of spikes. This game reflects my experience as a counselor have to watch a group of kids.

While making this game, I had a ton of fun designing the mechanics. I loved figuring out the way for the player to pick up kids and put them back down. It was a fun challenge that was very rewarding. I disliked the texturing and using substance painter because I am not artistic and I always dislike what I create. I'm still not proud of what my game looks like artisticly